Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Be A Brand !

 Be a brand and put your best foot forward as a star performer in this purely professional world.
Star performers are such professional performers who are branded as the true assets of each and every organization. Without these go-getters, no organization can even survive or function, let alone progress. Let's become a brand...And get your game!

Be A Brand!
Surprised?!! Don’t you want to be in the limelight at your workplace? Don’t you wish to impress the bigwigs around you for your extra ordinary contribution to the company? Don’t you dream of being mobbed by your die hard fans for the star performer tag you got rewarded with recently? Don’t you desire to be the centre of attraction as well as attention specially for your amazing performance for fulfilling the targets and overachieving them? Don’t you derive pleasure when people pour their jealousy into others’ ears for your smouldering X-factor-celebrity-sort of-personality with a huge fan following?  …and there is a long snaking line of such feel good questions. 

I hope you do want, you do wish, you do dream, you do desire and you do derive immense pleasure while encountering these overwhelming personal-interview-sort-of-questions. Even if you don’t reply in affirmative for most of the aforementioned remarks still somewhere deep inside you secretly shelter these tempting thoughts and enjoy yourself every time you visit these emotions and feel great about them (and also simultaneously wishing somehow they turn true). Can you make out what I’m alluding to…Hang On ! Let’s clear this clutter and don’t get confused. Yes, here I’m talking about being a brand and putting your best foot forward as a star performer in this purely professional world. And such professional performers are branded as the true assets of each and every organization. Without these go-getters, no organization can even survive or function, let alone progress.   

Just Do It!   
Perhaps talking about a few product brands and relating them to the idea of self branding could seem a bit senseless.  But conceptually, branding doesn't have the dividing line. Brand building is an exercise symbolising ‘Survival of the Fittest’ philosophy. Take any one them and have a quick look the way they are in demand. Be it NIKE, Be it REEBOK, Be it Levice. Doesn't matter how expensive they get, what matters most is their ‘Value for Money’ attribute. And when we talk in terms of industry perspective, one must take it not as a very different ballgame. In the light of our corporate culture, what companies are looking for are the pure professionals who could make a huge difference through their superb ‘role play’ which helps them in fetching an amazing career.

Companies are looking for are the pure professionals who could make a huge difference.
Be Better Than The Best
Star performers are never short of their confident best. However, they are not a ‘perfection freak’, but they do remain spick and span particularly about their public appearance. Their positive outlook speaks louder than their words. And their bang on body language is always fired up with enthusiasm. Their effective verbal communication and impressive non verbal communication are their real high points. Their attitude proves to be a big factor. They greet every upcoming task with gusto. They know by the time they step onto the field for their game against the twists and turns of the corporate life what they need to do. In fact, the secret of their ability to outshine others lies in their habit of being with optimistic mind set and always seeing the brighter side. In all probability, such performers score brownie points in the long run,  translate into a higher role, better grade and of course an attractive pay packet. 
 Your positive outlook speaks louder than your words.
I Mean Business
These much sought after professionals who really mean business, not only believe in acquiring skills, but also put in efforts to augment their skills. As they say, ‘Rest is Rust’. Being a voracious and very keen learner, they seek learning as and when the opportunity comes. They don’t really miss out any chance to learn and get ahead. They believe in giving it a try and thus they go on to win. They round up their learning cycle by sharing it with others. This way they keep expanding their knowledge pool as well. They don’t announce, “I want to do so and so.” With such long laundry list of wishes they don’t dive in with closed eyes. They don’t shoot in the dark. They neither cram too many things nor they give all the replies at one go in five minutes flat.  Instead before taking any action, they take a closer look, they remain mindful about the possible solutions, they plan out their way and stick to it. They perform their task with diligent intent and save their words to be used wisely. 

It' All About 'We' (Not Just ‘Me’)                     
Star performers are the true team players. They appreciate the fact that the success of any project can go for a toss if you don’t have the ability of working in a team. And this understanding really comes in handy to execute their mission. Their hopes are pretty high with their folks. They don’t complicate matters even when dealing with difficult people who commit wrongs, showcase themselves stainless and never feel shy or shameful of their great disservice to the organization. Such cheapskates who don’t care about propriety and act beyond the limit of common sense, sometimes jeopardise the project itself. By the way, star performers realize that their opinion could differ from those who feel complicit, still they show their best colours with these atrocious breed of team members. They are expert in maintaining their cool in pressure moments. And in times like these, the biggest thing that matters most is their temperament which determines how they respond. They do know how to gather courage and when to speak their mind. They are not like those weaker souls who get annoyed, irritated and frustrated in complex circumstances. And their mastery over their minds works like a stress buster for those also who come in contact with them. One can deduce with their professional relationships that they seem competitive definitely, but they don’t get acrimonious in any way.  

Let's Face It Head On !
Our star performers usually don’t get miffed if encountered with some bottleneck or brainteaser. As in a professional set up, some challenges show up or some problems crop up in a workplace out of nowhere. While others do nothing and see the other way or are always on a blind run, our star performers make the best of the situation. They don’t moan or fuss about such rubble around them. Even if they face failure and hit the rocks, they have an understanding that this is not the end of the world. And every problem is worth a try. They don’t rail, they don’t rant, and they don’t sulk. Nor do they get carried away.  They don’t follow the lame tendency of ‘once bitten twice shy’, instead they catch up fast, pick up quickly, spring a surprise and always make a stronger comeback. They dig deep for motivation whenever they go through the rough patch. They keep moving forward with strong reminders of their goals in the back of their minds and everything else takes care of itself which is not surprising.  
Catch up fast, pick up quickly, spring a surprise and always make a stronger comeback.
Stay Strong !
Sometimes people have a tendency to turn back the pages of their life and revisit their painful and pervasive past again and again. As a result, they feel morose, depressed and tired. And this practice really proves to be an emotional waste as well as an energy zapper of high order which in turn gives rise to a host of other extreme emotions. On the other hand, star performers don’t have a permanent love affair with their sorrows, regrets and failures of the past. They don’t hold on to their bitter memories. They don’t keep dragging their old defeats which might have been their bane for far too long now. In other words, they don’t repay old debts that have already been settled long ago.  They just refuse to allow their spirits to be dampened by the delay of their winning moments. They act as real brave hearts even if they loose quite a bit in this bargain called life at one point in time. Because deep down they know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. However, the road towards the tunnel may not be devoid of roadblocks. As a result, their success train doesn't halt at one station only and their journey is destined to meet its destination. 
 Don’t have a permanent love affair with the sorrows, regrets and failures of the past. 
And Finally…
See yourself in a new light. Believe in the brand ‘YOU’ and see the sense in becoming so. You are a born star and deserve to be the star performer of your organization. More than anything, in the face of any challenge, just show your guts, introduce yourself to the problems around and say boldly “The Name’s Bond, James Bond!” [and mind you, It’s not just a cheeky one liner remark; It's an ATTITUDE.] 


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