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My Reflections [Leadership Series: Part I]

Here, in this 'My Reflection Leadership Series', I'll be talking about 
my leadership ideas and personal experiences which transformed both my 'self' and my life.
My Reflections on LEADERSHIP

As far as my experiences with the leaders I encountered are concerned, I must admit that a few of them have really been instrumental for what I am as a learner and as a leader myself today. Here, in this 'My Reflection Leadership Series', I'll be talking about my leadership ideas and personal experiences which transformed both my 'self' and my life. 

“He (Dhoni) feels little need to show his authority overtly and  accepts his own leadership fully. He stays calm and very alert. Situational awareness has been his greatest strength. He reads the situation well. He actually knows the likes and dislikes of every individual. In fact, Dhoni is the best captain I’ve played for.

                            -Sachin Tendulkar

It's about making of a Great Organization called Team INDIA with Dhoni’s
contribution along with our win in World Cup T20, 2007 & World Cup DI, 2011.
        Whenever I think of ‘Leadership’, I always remember those unforgettable moments when I got lucky enough to witness India’s win in the Finals of 2011 World Cup (and I was so touched and moved to see the real-leadership-live-in-action that I still feel tempted to quote those great moments while talking about leadership). No doubt, it was a great opportunity to watch, observe and study for a few essential elements of LEADERSHIP. It was a wonderful treat to witness Real-Leader-in-Action (None other than M. S. Dhoni, Captain of Indian Cricket Team).

        Watch out for the following ‘World Cup Winning Leadership Equation’,

                    Optimistic, Adaptable & Self-assured
                 + Highly Driven for Advancement
                 + Ability to Recover Quickly from Setbacks and Motivate Others
                 + Understanding of the High Risks
                 + Deployed Tactics even against of Expert Opinions
                 + Calm, Competitive and Charismatic Approach
                 + Smart Field Placing
                 + Strategic Bowling Changes
                 + Terrific Man-Management Skills  
                 + Bringing Out the Best in Each Player
                 + Being Demanding and Moulding the Bowling Attack            
                 + Ruthless Desire to Succeed
                 + Harnessing the Available Talent
                 + Openness to Ideas   
                 + Great Courage, Confidence & being Exemplary 
                 + Brave Move to Come Up the Order
                 + Leading from the Front
                 + Not Shying Away from Accepting the Responsibility
                 + Never passing on the Blame
                 + Sheer Virtue of being there in the Middle till the End    
                 =    Making of a Great Organization called Team INDIA with Dhoni’s (as a Real Leader) Superb Contribution along with our Win in World Cup Twenty20, 2007 + Our Win in World Cup ODI, 2011.
Jack Welch made sweeping changes
throughout the company as chairman of G.E.
               When we talk about research on 'leadership styles'The Michigan researchers came up with two dimensions of leadership behavior- task oriented/ and people oriented. In first style, there is close supervision over the task or technical aspect of the job, more emphasis on getting the job done than peole growth. While in second style, there is emphasis on friendly, trusting and respectful personal relationships, need of employees for even decision making, accepted individual differences, motivated rather than controlled subordinates. Research says that people oriented leaders get higher group productivity and higher job satisfaction. Ohio State studies suggest that both considerations Initiating Structure (task oriented) as well as Consideration (people oriented) are useful for effective leadership (like the way Jack Welch made sweeping changes throughout the company as chairman of G.E.).         

An effective leadership is not only about the task, It's also about the people involved.
If we go by the Leadership Grid (or Managerial Grid), one could better understand a leader’s relative concern for people and task both. Style (1,1) is Impoverished Management-low concern for task, low concern for people. Style (1,9) is Country Club Management-high concern for people but low concern for task. Style (9,1) is Authoritarian Management-high concern for task but low concern for people. And style is called Middle-of-the-road Management- An average amount of concern for both the task and people. While Style (9,9) is named as Team Management- a high concern for both task and people satisfaction (like in M. S. Dhoni’s case). 

          I believe that an effective leadership is not only about the task, It's also about the people involved. What makes one a great and inspiring leader is the vision as well as one's ability to connect and reach out to the followers. In my upcoming blog posts, I will be emphasizing the same leadership mantra in the light of my personal and professional experiences. To sum up, I would like to quote Gary Kirsten,   

“For me MS (Dhoni) is one of the greatest leaders of this country. He’s the leader by example. He always gives 100% and expects his troops to be ready for battle.”  
                                               -Gary Kirsten, ‘Former’ Coach Team INDIA  

( be continued

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