Saturday, 20 July 2013

Thank You !

Today morning I woke up a little early. It was still dark outside. While sitting on my bed comfortably, I felt relaxed and calm. This was not-so-very-same-morning. Something special was there in the air. I sensed another year got deducted from my life-journal and the other ‘new year’ was looking into my eyes. I realized so many years pass by. There were years of innocence and impatience. There were years of accomplishments and self-realization. There were also years of errors and emptiness. And there were years of failures and success too. These all were the years of never-ending ‘learning, knowing and awakening’. All these years came and passed by like a flash. And a nostalgic remembrance of these years of my life left me with a smile on my face. 

Breaking this chain of thoughts in between, I put my feet down and stood on the floor and suddenly I saw myself facing my parents. And felt like my childhood days are back again. I touched their feet, hugged them both and sought their blessings (like I used to do before leaving home for school everyday). Out of sheer joy, I just made a failing attempt to hold my happy tears back. It was like everything stopped for a while then and there only. The whole world came to a halt for me. I realized myself truly blessed. 

Today I realize perhaps I’m on the right path towards the search of an answer of the same question which had been bugging me every now and then since my childhood, “What’s Your Aim of Life?” And I feel this is the perfect moment to ask God to enable me for becoming ‘The Best Possible Human Being’ first before granting any other wish of mine so that I could play my part well on this planet and do perfect justice to my various roles. And then, there I saw that bright sunshine in the courtyard right in front of my room. Like even the angels had said, ‘AMEN’.

And now while sharing this small piece of my emotions, and writing back this ‘Thank You’ note to all my family, friends and well-wishers, I feel so humbled, so touched, so grounded for their unconditional love and support so far. Then comes the 'Best Gift on My B'day' from one of my students, this is something I expect from my Students/ trainees. Dear Kamal, You Really Made My Day. Thanks Dear !

[Transcript of the Message: Happy bday sir. I want to tell u one more thing. In the mid of May I asked you few questions and suggestions regarding interview. You guided me , gave ur suggestions and helped me. After that I got a call from ATS INFRASTRUCTURE LTD. This is North India's second Best company after DLF in real estate. I was ready for interview because of ur suggestions and guidance. Now I am working in this company. Thank u sir.]

It's really amazing to realize that you are also one of the reasons for someone’s improved performance, confident self and above all a transformed personality. And this is all for good. These enriching emotions really strengthen your belief in the significance of your very existence. It makes you feel more humble on your part. It makes you trust on your role in the 'bigger picture'. Thank You God for enabling me to do good to others in my own special ways. 

"Dear Students and Trainees, Your Progress is all My Pleasure."

Thank You God, Thank You All and Everyone around. Life is such a blessing in disguise. Thanks again.

With love and regards
Gaurav Misra

*written on the eve of my Birthday 19/ 07/ 13 and published on 20/07/ 13.

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