Friday, 12 August 2016

An Open Letter to the Youngsters

Remember, your happiness does count.
An Open Letter to the Youngsters
Dear Youngsters, Congratulations for being the torchbearers of this generation. I know you have great ambitions and want to achieve most in your life. Though there is no set formula for success, here are 10 Sutras (well tried, tested & trusted) that will surely help you on your path to your destination, 1. You are original, unique and already the most beautiful human being. So, there is just no need to copy or emulate anyone else. 2. Set goals. Keep believing that you do possess the potential to pursue your passions. 3. Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it. 4. Develop good communication skills and people skills. Trust me, these two skills will surely take you far in the direction of your dreams. 5. Work hard, dream big and be sincere in any of your endeavors. 6. Always give your best without considering anything hard about the results. In doing so, you will realize the ultimate satisfaction even in your failures knowing that you left no stone unturned. 7. Keep in your mind that any failure is not the opposite of success but it's just a part of a success story. 8. Take good care of your well-being and your happiness. One must not only be mentally strong but physically fit as well. Because only then, you can do as much and as many things you want. 9. Remember, your happiness does count. So do what makes you feel good and if any opportunity given, do some good to others as well. 10. And last but not the least, be a good human being and do empathize with others. Put your best effort to do good to others and goodness will follow you all by itself.
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