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Be the best you can be – be drug free.
Today* seems the perfect occasion to reveal this real-life experience. Here is my detailed answer to one of the most difficult encounters ever in my life. It was almost a shock for me to come to terms with a confession made by someone quite close to me. For the matter of confidentiality, his/ her name is not disclosed. This blog post is written with the pure intentions of doing good to the larger audience and doesn't intend to hurt anybody's sentiments.

Q. Hope you remember me. I thought a number of times to speak to you, but failed every time; Yeah, of course due to lack of confidence and fear of speaking out about something. But now I want to speak to somebody and I am sure you are the right person. As I came to this new place, I had lots of dreams and my parents were very happy. Everything was going smooth but one day I noticed my lack of interest towards studies and started getting backlogs in examinations. That was not a big issue but I don't know how and when I got into the habit of smoking and finally I started taking drugs...Now its a habit to take it every two or three days a week. But I don't want to do it, I want to get rid of it but all my efforts seem to be of no use...I Want To Live A Normal Life. Please help me. Please guide me and assist me to build myself again…I need your advice. And it’s a request to please keep it confidential.

The 'Detailed' Answer:  
“The greatest mistake in life is to get addicted to drugs - becoming a prisoner of ecstasy and hallucination, and less of a man. The drug addict loses the sense of dignity, responsibility, self- esteem and self- respect, and he forgets how to live like a human being. Drug addiction reduces a man to a mindless and ridiculous thing. Drugs are for the people who can not handle their troubles in reality. People try drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time or to escape from stress, anxiety or depression, but all drug addicts are willful victims themselves. The drug addict is his own enemy - slowly killing himself using drugs as a weapon. They dig their own graves by being addicted to the deadly pleasures of drugs and they cannot avoid a horrible fate.  Drugs are the false friend of the human mind, and a hidden killer. Drug addiction is a self- punishing disease that ruins mental, psychological and physical health. And it cannot be cured if the fear of not consuming drugs is greater than the willpower to quit doing drugs. Drug abuse is a suicidal act.”
- Dr T.P.Chia

Dear _____, I do understand your dilemma. And I really appreciate that you want to get out of a life full of self-torture...and for this, buddy, you really need to have a 'will of steel'...I don’t want to sound overwhelming to you with a rosy picture. To be straightforward, I must say, “Dear _____, you have got a tough challenge ahead.” You will have to fight hard in days to come if you wish to build yourself. I know it's not that easy but I would also admit that it's not that impossible. Sometimes, life becomes really hard and we find ourselves at the crossroads. We get confused where to go. But I must tell you, you are not the only one in ‘a sorry state’ like this. But yes, you will have to be the one who doesn't get trapped by these horrible habits all over again. I call this 'horrible' and you know this monster gets bigger and bigger by eating up your life, by eating up your dreams, by eating up your parents' hopes, by eating up ‘You’ and finally what remains at the end of the day are just nothing except regret, disappointment and guilt....And as far as I can sense through your message that you will never want this to happen ever in your life.
Look at the list of successful people who have been destroyed by drugs.
Look at the list of successful people who have been destroyed by drugs. Few months back, reports had been published stating that the star of the ‘Home Alone’ series, Macaulay Culkin was dangerously addicted to several drugs.  His drug problem was completely out of control. Dear, drugs mess with a lot many things in life. I need not tell you the after effects deeply as you might be aware of the dark side. Still I have an inner desire to throw some light on the same darkness. Drugs mess with your mind. Drug residues can remain in the body for many years after they were taken, the effect on the mind can last a long time. Drugs mess with your body. Since drugs also use up your body's supply of vitamins and minerals, you become more prone to diseases. Drugs mess with your wallet too. However a person under the influence of drugs is quite likely to make expensive mistakes and be incompetent. You pay big money to destroy yourself. Drugs mess with your life. It could seem ‘cool’ in the beginning and that can turn into a living nightmare that includes accidents, hurting those you love, shattered relationships and what not. Drug users often lose their enthusiasm for life. Taking drugs gives you lifestyle of a sad loser with no prospects. The damage that drug use can do to one's physical appearance is very obvious. And finally drugs mess with your hopes and dreams. Remember, drugs are for losers. 

Dear _____, you can succeed no matter what you have done in the past. And your choice is going to define your life. Your choice to lead a life free from drugs is what will bring the change. Your choice to be your own master (not a to-be-monster in the grips of drugs) will bring the change and your choice to be the ‘Man’ will bring that change....Believe me, You Can Do It. Again you have to be really strong whenever you feel the ‘unreal hunger’ to have some ‘unreal high'; you will have to remind yourself that whenever you say ‘No’ to drugs, it will definitely give you a ‘high’ in the long run. Do not give in to feed that monster any more from now on. Instead you feed your heart and your mind with something more meaningful, something more healthy, something more know a weak body is a welcoming place to all unhealthy your mind also gets weaker if your body is not strong...So, if possible do start some physical work out, or start running, or start going to some gym or anything like that. Think about what you like doing the most. Enjoy life. Just remember that Drugs Are Bad. Say it in your head over and over and over again.

Try these ways to say “no.”
I think nobody must ever nourish any silly reason to get addicted to this venom. There are so many interesting and fulfilling things in life such as investing in a meaningful career, bonding with the ones you love and your parents. Realize that pursuing interests is more fun, cheaper (especially physically), healthier and easier. Try to associate with people who do not use drugs. Have a good friend who will provide you positive feedback about any situation whenever you are tempted to experiment. Remember that the future is full of hope and promise and drugs might rob you of all those beautiful promises. Even trying drugs once, or just having a little taste, can suck you into it. Learn to say no when friends, peers, or even strangers offer drugs to you. I found this list (see the image on the right side) extremely helpful for those who are in a sticky situation with a drug dealer trying to offer or persuade them into taking drugs. This list is also an answer to your peers who may offer these substances to you. Try these ways to say “no.”

Have the willpower and confidence to know that you don't need drugs. Be aware of your talents and skills. Write your accomplishments down so you can think of them in times of trouble and when you feel worthless. Have hope. Realize that you can create your happy feelings by caring about and building, your future. You can never look back at a substance-abusing episode with pride, but you can when recalling how you fought the battle and won it. Fill your mind with positive thoughts either by reading some good stuff or by watching some real good movies. Inspire Yourself...Motivate Yourself....Whenever you feel weak inside, do remind yourself, it's ‘Now or Never’...Keep your monster hungry every time it craves for some food (or your attention)....Make it weaker day by day...and you be stronger everyday until that monster dies itself with a natural death. And that would be an accomplishment for you as a new start to your brand new life! You know, you will have to do this...not only for your own self, but also for those who love you unconditionally, who smile just after seeing a smile on your face, who dream high on you, and whose hopes count only on you....For their love, for their dreams and for their hopes, 'Never Say Die !' Be the best you can be – be drug free.

My final words: Don’t waste your life being wasted. Drug free is the way to be. Drugs cost you more than just money. Get high on life, not on drugs. Reach for the stars not for drugs. Say Nope to Dope!

* Today is International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking [26th June]

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