Thursday, 4 June 2015

I Promise Myself.

Promises to others may break, but a promise to oneself can never.
I Promise Myself.
Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. A promise to oneself is a part of one's own existence.

So, I promise myself…
  1. That I'll never offer an easy win and surrender to tough circumstances.

  2. That I’ll not be a problem-centric person rather become a solution-oriented one.

  3. That I’ll lead my life not to impress others but to inspire and enlighten. 

  4. That I’ll always follow what is just, righteous and honorable in nature.

  5. That I’ll find solace and cheer in simple things in life.

  6. That I'll value relationships and admire their dignity from the bottom of my heart.

  7. That I’ll take special care of my words and my deeds so they never offend anyone's self-regard in any form.

  8. That I’ll not repeat the mistakes I did in past and move on with a lesson both in my head and in my heart.

  9. That I’ll not recall regrets time and again with a heavy heart but to find ways to correct.

  10. That I’ll allow my soul to forgive me for anything done wrong to anyone.

  11. That I’ll pray for strength and peace for those whomsoever I ever hurt or gave any pain.

  12. That I’ll never be the cause of anyone’s suffering but will become the reason of someone’s smile.

And above all, I promise myself to remain true to all of my promises. Because I know that promises to others may break, but a promise to oneself can never.

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