Sunday, 18 October 2015

Passion First

Being passionate for your work is the key.

Since I came to the United States, everyday is a new day of learning for me. And after meeting this guy today, my belief in being passionate for the work at hand just got strengthened a bit more. Really !

To me, he is not less than a genius. As today evening, I was just biking down to a nearby shopping store to buy some daily groceries and something stopped me midway. As I was walking towards the entry gate of the store, I noticed some exceptional artwork on paper lying on the ground. And I just kept gazing on it. It was an extraordinary pencil work on an ordinary sheet. And then I noticed a busy man completely occupied with his pencil on the same ordinary sheet and seeming to convert that ordinary sheet into a marvelous piece of work. I could not stop myself asking this man how he was able to create such magic on paper; He looked at me, smiled and innocently said, "2B Pencil". I was floored by his creativity. And further asked, If he is a trained professional artist? And his reply amazed me. He said,"Never Been to School; It's Just My Passion." And with this, he again looked busy with his 2B Pencil. I asked for a picture of him with his artwork and he simply obliged. I also got a sort of autograph as a parting gift.
And while coming back, one lesson kept hammering in my head, "The qualification may not necessarily make you a genius, pure passion for your work surely does."

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