Tuesday, 29 December 2015

So, Your College Life is Over...

Coming out of college was like treading an unknown path with head held high and walking in heavy boots.
So, Your College Life is Over, 
but Your Life is yet to Begin…
[An Open Letter to all the Pass-outs] 

I still remember the day when I graduated and came out of college with dreams in my heart and tears in my eyes as I felt excited and emotional at the very same time. It was like treading an unknown path with head held high and walking in heavy boots. I was excited because there was that brand-new-world with all the new challenges as well as possibilities staring into my eyes. And I was emotional because there was this home-like-world with all the old fun as well as friends that I was leaving behind. Literally, I came out of my college with a mixed bag of colorful emotions. And in that bag, there were memories both beautiful and bitter. There were experiences both crucial and crazy. There were friendships both sweet and sour.

To those who are still feeling like walking in heavy boots, let me tell you that life is this way only. I can understand that; but mind you, nobody is going to be forever with you or me. Period! Every new journey starts with the end of the old one. Take lessons from the old one (if any) and march forward! We have different phases of life and meet different people at different stages. Universe always has a significant plan that it makes us meet a variety of people. Some leave behind, some may accompany. No friendship either sweet or sour is a waste of any kind. No experience either crucial or crazy goes in vain. And no memory either beautiful or bitter is unusable. And that’s how you grow and that’s what makes you mature. 

Gear up, be a man, and now get ready to all brand new exciting journey. And trust me that it would be way more fun. Being a kid or a boy or a girl is over. Live a real man's life now. Be a man with passion. Be a lady with glory. To achieve and to succeed, play with these three toys. (i) Hard work, (ii) Dedication and (iii) A Zeal to Make A Difference. So, go ahead, and show your haters especially what is in you and who is real you. Let your haters burn with envy and let your friends and family be proud of you. 
Make a mark on this Planet. And that's what you got to do. Do your best whatever you do. Remember, no work, no job, no profile is big or small. Your performance must always be the same 200% whatever you do. Believe in yourself, and make us proud. Now is Your Time and Your Time Starts Now!

Gaurav Misra

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